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Ironing Center

We recommend a ironing center in each hotel room, it provides the ideal prerequisite for being a guest for everyday guests, parties or why not when it is time for an important business meeting.
Our Iron
got automatic shutdown funciton when they are not in use. It si important to keep the iron standing so that it does not roll over easily. The holder and hook belonging to the board provide a smooth and smart way of storage between the use of the Iron.

Dry smart choice for the ironing of some garments, fits well in the hotel room where the guest quickly performs the ironing work.

Steam  makes ironing easier when you have a lot of laundry, sutable in public areas (where your guest use a loundry room). Also a good choice when the loundry is done by the staffiron is purchased for the staff who perform the ironwork.

26.03 SEK / Pc

212.16 SEK / Pc

Iron Hoist Steam NEW

Art. No: 1480074
133.66 SEK / Pc

Iron Hoist Dry

Art. No: 1480073
88.58 SEK / Pc

317.39 SEK / Pc

41.05 SEK / Pc

23.12 SEK / Pc

123.26 SEK / Pc

52.23 SEK / Pc

358.12 SEK / Pc

324.76 SEK / Pc

178.52 SEK / Pc

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